Gradient Compression  /  Advanced Circulation  /  Quicker Anaerobic recovery  /  Soft Tissue & Muscle Protection  /  Improves Performance  /  Made for Men & Women (Unisex)


Engineered Gradient Technology

CompressOne has a engineered  graduation profile to escalate the delivery of oxygenated blood to your muscles, the advanced circulation diminishes the build up of blood lactate in the muscles. Muscle wrapping decreases the vibration of soft tissue damage whilst supporting muscle groups for quicker recovery and less pain.

Comfort AND Durability

CompressOne 80% polyamide and 20% spandex, CompressOne has one of the highest polyamide of any compression wear in the market. The durable high-filament nylon yarns used are strong and the long-lasting elastane yarns for consistent structure, strength and support.


Oxygenated circulation

Keeping oxygenated blood flowing to muscles is important for performance. The more oxygen the cells have, the better they will function. During exercise, the body produces lactic acid as a waste product. If this lactic acid is not removed from the muscles, it can contribute to soreness and decreased ability to perform. 

Fatigue and recovery

Another factor in decreased performance is muscle fatigue. Muscular vibration during physical activity contributes to fatigue. Think about how much shock and vibration is going through your leg muscles as you pound pavement with 4-5 times your body weight while running. Over time, those little vibrations of the muscles add up and they become fatigued.


CompressOne utilises moisture wicking material to draw sweat away from the skin while in motion. Embedded with antibacterial, odour resistant technology, our compression tops, shorts and pants minimise odour. All our clothing also offers UPF50+ protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Perfect for lovers of the outdoors, and the industrial athlete!